Saturday, November 21, 2009

An Unlikely Return

Y: search facebook
  **** *********
 X: there are three of her
  is she the hot one
11:19 PM Y: yeah
  i mean, she's the brunette
  the only one you can see
  we we're engaged
  and were on and off for years
  and she ti\ried to get back with me a while ago, but i wasn't interested
11:20 PM but i am, now
 X: I'd probably fall for her, too
11:21 PM Y: i'm so saddened
  that's the problem
 X: Is she taken now or something
 Y: she has this effect on me
 X: And that's why you want her, when she's unavailable?
 Y: she'd leave whoever she was with for me
  she isn't 'unavailable'
  she just is nuts
 X: Ah, personality issues
11:22 PM Y: and wants me now because she thinks i'm going to be successful
  and becasue i treat her so good and am reliable
11:23 PM X: How nuts is she
 Y: well, she's bi-polar
  and a liar
11:24 PM X: well at least things wouldn't be boring
  plus think how attractive she is
  she might even be a ten
11:25 PM Y: she is a ten
11:26 PM and i'm a what?
  she was attracted to me
  and i've dated models
 X: tens only like tens
  you must be a ten, too
 Y: but i also have dated girls with personalities nd intelligence
  and i love that
  because i learn with them
  but with ****, she learned from me
  and it wasn't blanaced
11:27 PM X: well if shes bipolar, thats like TWO personalities
 Y: well i am emile hirsch
 X: So maybe she could make up for her lack of IQ
  With a double dose of personality
 Y: no, she's a loser
  no education
  but she wants to be a winner
  her dad hates me
 X: I don't know, she's wearing a suit in her facebook photo
 Y: he is jealous of me
 X: Gotta be a winner to do that
  Oh rly
 Y: yeah, he actually is
11:28 PM it's a long story, that i won't bore you with
 X: Which qualities does he covet
 Y: but he is
  he is a moron
  and fat
  and always comments on how girls go for guys like their dad
 X: Why did you go and meet the girl's parents anyway
  Bad move
  So beta
 Y: but **** slept with me and became my girlfriend three days after we met
11:29 PM we spent the christmas break together
 X: I know the type
 Y: that was less than a month after we met
 X: So clingy
  Get a life
 Y: well, she invited me cause i left my girlfriend of 4-years for her
  and she left this guy for her
 X: O no, I meant her
 Y: we both did on the day we met each other
11:30 PM Y: like we both knew
 X: Love at first sight eh
 Y: i don't know
 Y: i used to think so
  but she made it hard
  i got her pregnant
  and that messed a lot of stuff up
 X: Damn son
 Y: she blamed me for it
  though she never wanted to use condoms until after the pregnancy
  then i got into [good school]
11:31 PM X: Her uterus shouldn't have been so receptive
 Y: and was going to go
  and couldn't, becasue i loved her
 X: I hear no one is allowed to love there
 Y: but when i stayed, she clearly lost respect for me
  so then, a year later, i got into [other good school]
 X: Also: so beta
 Y: and came up here, and she was here, and things struck up again
11:32 PM well, when we met up again, all my [other good school] friends said she was trash
  and that i had so many better options
  i was seeing a girl at the time
  a pretty, sweet girl
  but not exciting
  and that was lacking
  and that caused a sense of boredom
11:33 PM you see, i liked the girl i was seeing, but primarily because she was so innocent and hard to get
  once i did, things changed
 X: a challenge
 Y: and her roommates overheard me talking to **** and us telling each other "i love you"
  then that ended my relationship with the other girl, ******
11:34 PM but now **** is back, and i can't stop thinking of her
 X: I hate the whole hunter - pursued thing
 Y: well we all do
 X: I hate having to play games
 Y: but it's a fact for some of us
 X: But then when I'm easy
  I know guys get bored
11:35 PM Y: i never got bored of ****
 X: At least, that's what I've learned from When Harry Met Sally
 Y: when we were happy, it was insanely happy
  when we fought, she called the cops
  three times
 also, the reason i approached her was simply to see her better - i had no glasses on
  she started hitting on me, and read my fiction that had recently been published - four times she told me - and was so laudatory that i felt charmed
11:37 PM X: Did you blow a whistle at her
 Y: then everything splintered
  i also have this penchant for wanting to save people
  primarily because i feel fucked up
  but not when i'm with her
11:39 PM it's a relationship that's hell to be in, but worse to be out of
  now with all these positive things going on in my life, she wants back in
 X: do you have other options
 Y: she says, and it's true, that she wants to marry me because she knows i inspire her
11:40 PM she asked to move in with me
  i said yes
  but then i never picked her up
  i was going to, heading over and everything
  but i turned around
 X: i hope she wasn't waiting in the rain with her suitcases

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