Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Hot Greeks, by the Thrillpeddlers

(Ste Fishell, TJ Buswell and Bobby Singer as the three types of Greek columns and Rik Lopes as Lysistrata in the Thrillpeddlers' revival of the Cockettes musical revue. Photo by David Wilson.)

Rereading this review makes me realize that I have not yet mastered the fine art of not writing a fluffy review of a fluffy show. I left this campy drag musical revue feeling fizzy and giddy, and I'm afraid that's all my review conveys. It looks more like an effusive press release than an actual piece of criticism -- precisely the kind of coverage most theaters and publicists want to receive but not the kind of writing that shows much insight and perspective.

At the same time, criticism should convey how a show makes the writer feel, and if a show makes me feel bubbly, is bubbly prose so wrong? Too serious or high-minded a tone would simply not be true to the spirit of the show. What's more, my (three?) regular readers know I don't always write like that, so the unusual style might convey to them that Hot Greeks really is something special. 

Maybe in the end all I really should have done differently is polish a few of the more egregious sentences. Fluffy prose is probably okay sometimes, but sloppy prose is not!

Hot Greeks, which runs at the Hypnodrome, has been extended through May 19; info here.

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