Monday, July 16, 2012

Pint-Sized Plays III, at Cafe Royale

(Allison Page in Megan Cohen's Beeeeear, one of the highlights of Pint-Sized Plays III. Photo by Erin Maxon.)

Last week, SF Weekly published my first full-length print feature, about SF Theater Pub, a small "indie" company that stages shows and readings in a TenderNob bar, Cafe Royale. I conducted so many interviews (few of which I was able to quote from, given my space constraints) that, when I sat down to write the article, words spewed forth with a gusto rarely known to a slowpoke like me. With each paragraph, I felt myself anticipating the questions my readers would have next and, because of all my prep work, immediately being able to answer them.

(But of course the real reason I was excited about this piece was the chance to attempt a New Journalism-y lead and ending.)

Now that I've seen the company's latest show, Pint-Sized Plays III, I feel all the more certain that I selected a worthy subject for my first print feature. There's not a dud among the evening's ten short (some extremely short!) plays. Of all the shows Theater Pub puts on each year, this annual event perhaps best embodies the company's motto: "Make it good, keep it casual, have a beer."

Pint-Sized Plays III continues through July 31; info here.

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