Tuesday, September 4, 2012


(Rami Margron and Nancy Carlin in Precious Little. Photo by Pak Han.)

This week I reviewed two shows in a single article: The Fisherman's Wife at the Impact and Precious Little at Shotgun. Finding a way to connect the two was very fun, as my editor suggested it would be. (My second choice for the article's title was "Aminals!") But the space constraints were very real. I barely had time to describe the opening image of each show (which turned out to be an arbitrary, knee-jerk approach anyway, unfortunately) before I'd reached my maximum word count. I left undiscussed more interesting thoughts: Rami Margron's virtuoso performance, Nancy Carlin's touching one, and Zehra Berkman's more rote one, all in Precious; why exactly the The Fisherman's Wife takes perfect advantage of Impact's unique strengths; how the flaws in both plays only make them more interesting to talk about and not at all less enjoyable. 

(Actress Eliza Leoni doesn't actually perform this moment in The Fisherman's Wife, but her character probably wishes she could. Photo by Cheshire Isaacs.)

So while I enjoyed the challenge of smoothing out an awkward segue and the respite from the pressures of length and depth, I don't think I'll be writing in this form too often. And next time I do, hopefully I'll be more prepared!

Also: here's the 1814 woodcut from which The Fisherman's Wife gets its name:

Profile pic?

Precious Little continues through Sept. 16; info here.

The Fisherman's Wife continues through Sept. 29; info here.

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