Friday, November 23, 2012

Phaedra's Love, by Do It Live!

(Not your grandmother's Greek myth. Michael Zavala and Whitney Thomas. Photo by Gabby Battista.)

This review, of Phaedra's Love by Do It Live!, was a pleasure to write. First, I was excited to be able to support this company, which is composed of current SFSU students and recent alums. Discovering and promoting promising young companies are among a critic's most joyous duties.

I was also delighted to rediscover the playwright Sarah Kane, whose work I hadn't seen or read since college. Much in her dramatic universe felt similar to the work of playwright Young Jean Lee (the subject of my master's thesis). They both scoff at taboos, revel in the grotesque, and pay no attention to the way a story is "supposed" to go. 

I hope this is only the beginning of a Kane revisit!

Phaedra's Love has closed, but you can find out more about the company here.

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