Sunday, July 11, 2010

The Meta-blog: A Reenvisioning

My aspiration to make a living as an arts critic seems to necessitate blogging, yet since beginning The Split End I have been struggling to "blog" content that would be separate from my reviews for The Bay Times. Once in a while, a colleague even offers me the chance to pitch a story to another periodical, yet I feel I have few ideas or observations about the Bay Area "theatre scene" (with its trends, its movements) as a whole; I find I am interested only in reviewing individual productions.

But now I'm thinking that such a proclivity might prove my strength, my niche, as a blogger, rather than my weakness.

Since I started writing for the Bay Times a year ago, the reviewing process has become the intellectual, literary and professional challenge that most intrigues me. I pursue other professions -- tutoring, proofreading -- only as they serve my obsession for arts criticism. Thus, I've decided to reenvision this blog. The Split End will now be a commentary on my own commentary, a review of my own (and others') reviews.

Stay tuned!

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