Thursday, September 17, 2009

Legs and All

Where there tread staunch theatre-lubbers amidst a sea of skeptics, would-be thespians who buckle under the burden of proof, unable to cite a work that reveals theatre in all its eminent accessibility and vivacity—O, let there be Legs and All.  This romp in pantomime, now playing at the Climate Theatre as part of the Fringe Festival, revels in those magical devices which much contemporary theatre neglects: props that have their own stage life, movement and staging that defy expectations (and gravity), lighting that transports us, literally, to other worlds.  Performers Peter Musante and especially Summer Shapiro commit to their roles with urgency and athleticism, representing ordinary situations (a chase, a first date) with strikingly original choreography.  Save for an ill-conceived foray into dialogue, each moment is exquisite.  You will want to join in the fun onstage.

Legs and All continues through September 19th at the Climate Theater, 285 9th Street, San Francisco. Tickets ($10 - $12) are available at

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