Sunday, September 18, 2011

The Madogs of Diego, at the SF Fringe

(Aarti Tacouri, Marsel Poinen, Christopher Ratsizaonen and Gaston Valayden in the play that, after two years of campaigning, came to the Fringe all the way from Mauritius. Photo by Marsel Poinen.)

Political science and theater studies intersect in this week's review (of The Madogs of Diego, at the Fringe), with Brian's first scholarly contribution to one of my articles!

The historical context, I confess, waxes a little ponderous. As my editor noted, I would have done well to make my background information more clearly serve a critical argument. But the history of the Chagos Islands, of which this 80-minute play chronicles only one moment, is very much worth the read.

Thank you, Brian!

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