Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Maritime Criticism: A Photo Journal

This weekend, I saw the We Players' adaptation of The Odyssey, which was staged on the deck of the Alma, a historic schooner that's normally moored at the Hyde Street Pier -- but the company got special permission to sail the San Francisco Bay with it as the play was performed. I won't write much here -- I'm saving that for my first print review at SF Weekly, available September 28 -- but these photos (Imagine! Audiences were allowed to use cameras during a play!) are worthy of their own post.

(All aboard, notebook and pen already poised for action!)

(A few of the "exhibits" on display at the Hyde Street Pier's Maritime Museum.)

(A chorus of Odysseuses greeted us from the deck of another vessel.)

(Awaiting castoff on the Alma.)

(Note the wooden rings that are hoisting the sail. That's how they built 'em in 1891!)

(Anchors aweigh! You knew this shot was coming.)

(And this one. At this moment, Odysseus was battling the Cyclops near the craft's stern, but my trusty photographer somehow managed not to get so distracted by the dramatic action as to miss this glamour shot.)

All in all, it was a very unusual theatrical experience. I'll share more thoughts on September 28!

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