Friday, March 2, 2012

Tontlawald, at the Cutting Ball

 (Photos by Annie Paladino.)

In this week's review podcast, Benjamin Wachs and I duked it out over Tontlawald, an ensemble-created experimental production of an Estonian fairytale, at the Cutting Ball.

Learning from our last podcast, I prepared a lot more: I organized my notes and even wrote out full sentences in advance.

But in editing our recording, Benjamin and I decided to delete a lot of my prepared material: it just didn't sound right when read aloud.  Listeners, evidently, are less patient with description than readers are.

This production was all about aesthetics, and they were absolutely stunning.  I only wish we could have found a way to convey them more fully.

Clearly, I still have a lot to learn about the two media's different conventions.

Tontlawald continues through Mar. 11; info here.


  1. What admirable patience you show for a curmudgeonly partner. Though I have a sneaking feeling your "nostalgia for college a capella" might have exerted an undue influence over your opinion of the show...

  2. Thanks for listening! I'm preparing to give a lecture on women in comedy right now, and I worry that in this podcast I fall into the "Dumb Dora" type, of Gracie Allen/George Burns vintage. If that's true, it was induced as much by the music as it was by the ribbon cage!