Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The Waiting Period, at the Marsh

(The remarkable writer and solo performer.  Photo by Patti Meyer.)

In this week's print review, of Brian Copeland's The Waiting Period, I tried to include a broader context in effort to make the article more accessible to non-theater people, as well as build suspense: What will Lily's opinion really be?

To do that, I had to spend a little longer on the review that I've grown accustomed, but I think the extra effort paid off.

As for Brian Copeland, writer and performer of this solo show, I'd really like to see him do stand-up. I've spent the past week preparing to lecture on women in comedy, and I wonder to what extent I'd be qualified/prepared to review comedy shows.

On an even more unrelated note: I recently read this horrifying article and now must change the way I type so as to humiliate myself no further. Any tips on breaking ingrained keyboard habits?

The Waiting Period has been extended through Apr. 27; info here.

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