Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Body Awareness, at the Aurora

(Jeri Lynn Cohen and Patrick Russell.  Photo by David Allen.)

Often, review writing is a very mechanical process.  Before I start writing, I know the evaluative points I want to cover, and I try to get the job done in a few short paragraphs.  But once in a while, a show so moves me that l put a piece of myself in the review.  The writing process is more automatic--urgent, even--and the review takes me surprising places.

Writing about Annie Baker's Body Awareness, a beautiful little play at the Aurora, was just such an experience for me.  I don't think the review really starts to cook until the end, but I'm proud enough of those last couple paragraphs to say the duds at the beginning are worth it.

Body Awareness has been extended through Mar. 11; info here.

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