Sunday, February 12, 2012

Counter Attack! by Stagebridge at the Ashby Stage

(Marilyn Leavit, Charmaine Hitchcox and Joan Mankin.  Photo by Mitch Tobias.)

I'd heard about how hard it is for actors of color to find good roles.  And for women who can no longer pass for being in their 20s.  And for performers whose bodies don't conform to societal beauty standards.

But seeing Stagebridge's Counter Attack! was the first time I really thought about how hard it might be for much older and elderly actors to get cast as well.  Though I found fault with much of the production, I did appreciate how many roles it offered to older performers; I don't think I've ever seen so many gray heads onstage at once before.

So though I didn't applaud the show, I definitely applaud the company's mission.

Counter Attack! continues through Mar. 4; info here.

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