Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Hold Me Closer, Tiny Dionysus, at CounterPULSE

(Trixxie Carr as Tiny Diny.  Photo by Stanley Frank.)

A friend and I saw this "Greek comedy rock epic" partly as research; we're writing (or rather, will at some point be writing) our own play about Dionysus, to be performed as part of the SF Olympians festival next winter.

Some aspects of this production, which was written by Trixxie Carr and directed by Ben Randle, were delicious enough to steal (if we were one notch less moral than we already are).  But as I hope my review imparts, my opinion of the show was very mixed.  For every laugh-out-loud moment, there was another in which I was looking at my watch.

This CounterPULSE production has already closed, but I believe that with rewrites it could have a lot more life.

As for my own script, I just wish I had been the first one to think of using butt-less men's briefs.

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